Our Mission

To Convert waste plastic into usable products

Welcome to Eco Vision

We, M/s. Ecovision Environmental Resources LLP, is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Envision group of companies for the plastic waste collection, segregation, treatment and disposal of Surat city under the guidance of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC). This SPV is formed from Envision Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to exclusively cater the needs of Common Plastic Waste Management Facility.

It is a common practice that all plastic waste are disposed or dumped to municipal solid waste disposal site. First time in India, one and only, Surat Municipal Corporation has initiated in establishing a common plastic waste management facility as per Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011. A Built Own and Operate (BOO) contract was awarded to M/s. Ecovision Environmental Resources LLP a member of Envision group of companies, to set up a common plastic waste management centre of 100 TPD on public private partnership basis.

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  • Plastic granules
  • Fine shredded plastic



Plastic waste is transported to the site through designated vehicles during less pick traffic hours. All plastic waste is collected from collection centers, hotels, residents etc to the facility.

Collection centers

Entire Surat city is divided into seven zones by SMC, where a collection centers are identified and authorized for the collection of plastic wastes, in which Kabadiwalas and Rag Pickers is getting employment. Plastic waste collected by each centers is transported to our facility. Plastic waste is also collected directly from trust, industries, etc.

We have indentified seven plastic waste collection centers in each zone and got authorized by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).

Our Main Objectives Are

  • To preserve/conserve environment from adverse effect of plastic waste
  • To assist building green, clean and healthy cities/towns/villages
  • To provide scientific and environment friendly solution for permanent eradication of plastic waste from garbage

Plastic Recycling Process


The crushed plastic materials could be of different quality and grade. In order to achieve a homogenous batch of recycled materials with the same quality, we need to blend the crushed materials so that the materials are evenly distributed. This is done through blending and tumbling machines.

Washing Waste Plastic

Once the waste plastic has been identified and separated into 3 different categories, the cleaning process can begin in separate batches, this usually starts with washing to remove paper labels, adhesives and other impurities, all the labels on your plastic containers, bottles and even your wheelie bin need to be completely removed as these will lower the quality of the finished recycled plastic.

Size Reduction

The plastic wastes come in different shapes and sizes. We will use machines such as Shredder and Crusher to reduce the materials to a size of suitable for our end use. If it is of high grade quality plastic, the size is kept as 25mm x 25mm x 25 mm and for medium grade plastic it will kept about 10mm and for lower grade plastic the shredding/crushing is done to make very fine pieces of plastic. The purpose is to ensure a smooth and constant flow of the plastic wastes into the system like pyrolysis plant or to plastic extruder machines.


Sorting is the process in which mixed plastic waste is sorted according to the specific type of plastic. This is done by using mechanical means and/or manually.Mechanical sorting is able to identify all types of plastics (e.g. PVC, PET, PP, PE, ABS, PC, POM, PMMA) and its colors. However, mechanical means will not be 100% accurate. Manual supervision and sorting is in place to ensure proper segregation.